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Michael Shearin Elm Street Group at Morgan Stanley: External Insights

This exclusive content, featuring third-party money managers, economists, academics, and other financial professionals, cuts through the clutter with actionable investment information.


Seeking to Do Munis Better - January 2014

JP Morgan’s Priscilla Hancock calms the fixed-income waters and reveals where she’s finding attractive opportunities


Seeking Real Return in Times of Low Inflation - January 2014

While real return funds might seem less appealing as inflationary pressures remain subdued, Pioneer’s Howard Weiss believes they represent a strategy that should remain a core portfolio holding, no matter the environment


Seeking the Upside in a Tough Bond Market - January 2014

As fixed income stumbles, BlackRock’s Joshua Tarnow looks to stay above water with an absolute-return strategy


A Look at Interest Rates and Fixed Income After the Selloff - December 2013

Columbia Management’s Zach Pandl shares his outlook on rates and fixed income


High Concentration, High Return Potential? - December 2013

A portfolio of fewer than two dozen stocks

can offer a surprising amount of diversification, says Lazard’s Chris Blake—and diversity is the key to success


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